Independent Golf Fitness Training

The coach's role is education, not dependence. A coach should empower athletes to the point they are comfortable adjusting protocols and methods to their own needs. Any program must focus on four key areas.

  • Health - Are the movements safe for you to comfortably perform? If you're injured, you're on the sidelines. Athletes should NEVER become injured as a result of training - that's insane! A training program should prepare an athlete to perform more effectively, not prevent or hinder them from competing.
  • Functionality - Does your program address the physical demands of your sport? Can you perform the movements that are required in your sport?
  • Injury Prevention & Longevity- Will the program prolong your career, or is it so intense, (and inappropriate) that there could be long term consequences from training? A training program must address the demands of the future as well as the present.
  • Power Development - Will the program make you a faster, more powerful athlete? Are you performing explosive movements? Are complex, power movements a part of your routine? The older we get, the more rapidly we lose the ability to produce power. Power development and maintenance must be a central part of any athletes program. You can't expect to hit a 300 yard drive when the rest of your life is spent in second and third gear.

Athletes should develop the absolute simplest program that meets the physical demands of their sport.

Intro to Golf Fitness

This course takes you through the fundamentals of golf fitness, covering proper squat and hip hinge patterns, rotational exercise and upper and lower body disassociation as well as pushing and pulling patterns. Each movement pattern will be discussed in detail, covering proper range of motion, mobility exercise, and strength and power work. This program will introduce the athlete to all of the fundamentals needed to create their ideal routine. 

Kettlebells Training For Golf Athletes

This course details the fundamentals of Kettle Bell training, and how to most appropriately apply kettle bell training into your exercise routine. The KettleBell is arguably the most versatile and effective workout tool ever made, and can be used to create the simplest, yet most effective training sessions of your life.