Justin James - World Long Drive ChampionJustin James - World Long Drive Champion

Stop Listening to the "Experts"

December 15, 2016 | by Justin James

I am frequently amazed by the number of "distance" experts and golf "coaches" that have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. If I had 5 yards for every non-sense tip or drill I have heard over the course of my life, there would be no Long Drive Champion but Justin James.

The Fact is that golf is hard, and if you can't break 80, or if you can't hit the ball over 250 yards, you should probably shut up. I appreciate the fact that someone "knows" the game - but if you haven't played or performed at a high level, you don't really know the game.

There are a TON of frauds in the golf business. There are few who know what it takes to actually get it done on the course. If someone has a solid track record of high performance, that's a pretty good indicator that they know what their taking about. Im not saying your coach has to have played on tour, nor am I stating that he has to be a World Long Drive Champion to tell you how to hit it farther. What I am saying is that unless you have a coach who constantly points you to what the best golfers in the world are doing, Your doing it wrong.

Here is what I look for in an instructor:

  1. Can they play the game?
    Do they participate in professional tournaments? Can they break 80?! Have they ever played the game at a high level? Again, it is very hard to teach what you have never experienced ...
  2. Are they consistent with the best in the world?
    Many state "there is no one way to swing a club." That's insane. Yes, swings look different, but the greatest players in the world all swing with the same key fundamentals. Players like Rory McIlroy, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, and Long Driver Champions like Tim Burke, Jamie Sadlowski and Joe Miller all work in a consistent way to accomplish their goal. Do they do everything the same? Certainly not. However, they all swing out of their feet, legs and core, and all possess the same essential fundamentals of power and consistency.
  3. Make sure they don't "teach around" your limitations.
    Don't let a know nothing "instructor" teach you a "good enough" golf swing. Go through the challenge of learning to properly swing a club like those at the highest level. If you possess some kind of physical limitation, then seek the help you need to get better.

None of these are quick fixes, but golf is hard. It's probably the hardest sport in the world. However the payoff is huge when you put smart, effective work into your routine. Stop listening to the frauds and phonies, and make sure you are under the leadership of someone who actually knows the game. You'll be glad you did.