Justin James - World Long Drive ChampionJustin James - World Long Drive Champion

Nutrition for Real People

November 16, 2016 | by Justin James

Nutrition is obviously one of the most important elements of any fitness program. Without the proper nutrients, the body will struggle to recover, and you will likely stay stuck in your current state. But what is the best nutrition plan? While some elite athletes hire full time chefs, count calories, and refuse to be near certain food groups, others eat skittles and drink Pepsi on the sideline. When engaging in any new fitness program, I always encourage a "this" instead of "that" approach. While I have certain opinions on diet and nutrition, I generally stick to a few simple, time proven guidelines.

  1. When possible, consume unprocessed, low ingredient foods. Instead of the TV Dinner from a box, go for a grilled chicken breast topped with your favorite dressing or sauce, with a sweet potato, fruit and vegetables. Nothing fancy here - just common sense choices.
  2. Increase your lean protein intake. Try to consume a lean protein source such as chicken, fish, or turkey with every meal. The average diet consumes far too many simple sugars and starchy carbs. A high protein diet will increase your amino acid intake, helping you recover from training.
  3. Drink more water! A majority of people consume far too little water. Try to replace sweet sugary drinks with water, and if you can't stand the taste, use a sweetener. Shoot for around a gallon a day. You will be amazed with the results.
  4. Replace starchy grains with nuts, sweet potatos, vegetables and fruits. Shy away from white bread, white rice, and cereals which contain processed simple sugars. These foods will spike your blood sugar, and will eventually cause you to gain unwanted body weight. Instead, opt for a vegetable, fruit, or sweet potato, which will give you the carbohydrates needed for energy.

This process is not difficult, and it should not be tedious. This approach to nutrition is all about making better choices over a period of time. By replacing processed foods with whole foods, staying hydrated, and giving your body the needed ingredients for performance, your fitness and wellness will reach new levels.